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Theme Song to Phantom of the Opera 2: Coney Island Phantom… Revealed!

Love Never Dies CD cover art

That’s right, the Phantom of the Opera stage musical sequel–the official title of which is Love Never Dies–has been talked about here before. Here’s where I laughed my ass off, talking about it when it was announced. And, of course, in our recent Weekend Justice, the news made Rob want to kill himself. Or at least punch a koala.

But now, in a Needcoffee exclusive, we’re here to reveal the opening theme song to Love Never Dies. It’s after the break…hope you enjoy it.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Okay, so…lies. All lies. It’s actually a vid I stumbled upon while seeking a Monday Morning Mental Sorbet for today…and it’s just not WTF enough to qualify for that. But it is, honestly, impressive–and I felt I had to share. I used to be able to play that on the piano, but obviously it sounds cooler on that pipe organ-emulating accordion.

Found via Neatorama.