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Death Before Decaf: Oh Hell Yes

I don’t have a tattoo. Although I have considered it briefly in the past, I’ve never gotten a tattoo for two reasons.

One, I can’t think of a single design today that I could guarantee I’d still care for in a few decades. I mean–think about what you thought was cool twenty years ago. See what I mean? Scary.

Two, I’d be afraid of what it might look like over time. I’ve seen too many tats that devolved into blue blotches and stuff like that. And yes, I know: tat tech has probably come a long way since that old sailor got that mermaid on his arm. But still. I’m paranoid and neurotic. Just humor me and back away slowly.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes. If I was going to get a tat–this would be a contender. Another Tattoo offers it on shirts, hoodies and cards. Nice, huh?

Found via Morning Tea & Coffee.


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  • thanks for this post, so many of my clients find me here! keep yer cups full & hot! remember; decaf is like buying bad dope..on purpose!!