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Meet My New Laptop. And It Has a Name.

Moriarty laptop

So I recently purchased a laptop. The first laptop I have ever personally owned, as previously all of my laptops have been owned by the day job–the day job which is just eight days away from being killed. Hence, the need for one. If anybody wants the boring story of how I determined what laptop to get, I’ll be glad to put you to sleep with it, but the gist of this post is this: I needed to name it.[ad#rightpost]
Names are important. I wanted something that would reflect its use as a tool for world domination and also have connotations of power and such-like. So I did what one does in this day in age–I threw the doors open to let other people give me ideas on Twitter, because I wasn’t coming up with anything that truly cranked my tractor. The hashtag #helpwidgenamehislaptop was born. I got a lot of great entries–and some of my favorites are reflected below–but the one that I felt truly nailed it for me was from our own artist-in-residence, Rox of Spazhouse: MORIARTY.

In fact, if you look closely in the pic up top–you might notice a certain Kevin O’Neill bit that’s my favorite panel from a certain kickass comic series. Yeah, that’s my desktop background now.

Thanks to everybody for participating. Hugs and espresso to everybody.

Honorable (and questionable) mentions go to:


  • The only folly here is that I tend to name my computers after women. You must personify and treat them as women, or they will let you have it in the end.

  • I have named mine for for male and female personas. I always pick personas of power thought such as
    Weatherwax (Granny) and Davros