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32 Days of Halloween III, Day 26: Fun With Italian Horror


Inspired by last year’s Mario Bava trailer twofer, it’s time we take a look at some of the delights that Italy has to offer the discerning horror aficionado. Lucio Fulci is here, director of Zombi 2 aka Zombie aka “that movie where a zombie fights a shark.” He also directed City of the Living Dead. Here, have a trailer:

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There’s also our friend Dario Argento, who helped provide you Demons. Here’s…well, let’s see if you can glean from this trailer what the name of the movie is. It’s kept intentionally vague.

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So did you get that? The only thing scarier than the last twelve minutes are the first ninety-two? Which basically means leave before the end of the film, because you’ve already seen the best parts. I think that ad campaign needed some re-working.

Anyway, I suppose we need a film that Argento actually directed…so here, check out the trailer for Deep Red:

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Two years ago it was all about Evil Dead: The Musical.

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