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A Deluge of Winners!

Rainy Day

Frank Stecklair of Pennsylvania can travel with Jeff Buckley: Grace Around the World

Dollhouse Season 1 will be making friends with Helen Pate of Florida, Sallie Cramer of Ontario, and Alan Murphy of Pennsylvania

Dan Roller of Nevada will be crooning along with Sinatra II

Dragonball: Evolution goes to Patrick Conway of Ohio, Jane Hunter of Indiana, and Travis Bell of Utah

Time is now ticking for Neil Engle of Tenessee, who has won 24 Season 7 on Blu-Ray

Shadowheart will be riding into the sunset for Richard Hicks of North Carolina and Kriss Kimball of Washington

Glena Spurgeon of Oklahoma will be on board with Baby on Board on Blu-Ray

Kimberly Davidson of Oregon, Scott Sorenson of Louisiana, Kim Coomey of New York, Jeremy Johnson of Wisconsin, and Ilene Courland of New York have won Petticoat Junction Season 2

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