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The Vocal Stylings of Alan Moore

Alan Moore

Our friend and yours, Rev. Josef Jetsream, asked me this on Twitter earlier today: “Say, what’s Alan Moore‘s spoken word stuff like? Like poetry, or the Rollins sort stand-up storytelling? And how might I find it?”

Glad to be of service. The two albums I have of his are The Highbury Working and Snakes and Ladders. They both have music by Tim Perkins and they’re both fantastic.

To answer the second question, it’s just spoken word blank verse set to fantastic music.

And here’s the opening bit of Snakes:

Now that you’ve tasted it, the last question–where do you find them–is unfortunate in that it appears they are all out of print. However, you can still find them used for decent prices–some of them, anyway. I’ve listed them below. The good news is that Alan Moore told me, by way of Graham Linehan–who was kind enough to facilitate the one shot Q&A–that Moore might have a new CD out next year. Excellent.