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13 Days of Xmas 2009, Day 11: More Christmas Music (and Such)

Davy Jones and the Christmas Axe
Either Davy Jones has finally snapped or this is a yuletide tradition we're unfamiliar with.

As we parade through some more music and music-related odds and ends, I figure we should get this post off to a rousing start by making sure our audiovisual systems are properly online:

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Next, it’s over to Carolyn Sills. Her Christmas song for this year is “George Bailey” and comes complete with an animated music video by Rob Laducer. Check it out:

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For info on how to snag it for yourself, check out her official site.

And because that made way too much sense, we go now to a 1986 Monkees Christmas medley that I, for some reason, find mildly terrifying:

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I do find comfort in the Michael Nesmith cameo, though. That seems to make it all okay.

And last but not least, over for another Beatles Christmas record. It says it’s the first one, but I’m pretty sure the one we posted here came first and this one came second. But I am more than willing to be corrected on that. Regardless, it’s just as wacky as you might expect it to be.

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