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Music Monday: Humans, Monsters and More

Carpark North: Human

Okay, so today I’ve got some older music for you. Older as in a couple of years back. I really did try to find something new…like for example I wanted to see what Carpark North were up to, seeing as how their song from 2005, “Human,” kicked so much ass. Unfortunately, I found myself underwhelmed by their newest single, “Save Me From Myself.” It seems a bit too deliberately anthemic for my tastes–but it’s not that you can’t listen to it. So we default back to “Human” and its delightfully bizarre “What if Lars Von Trier, after a lot of therapy and maybe even more lithium, signed up to direct X-Men: First Class?” feel.

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The best way to get Carpark North’s album, All Things to All People, since it’s an import (and apparently out of print?) is to snag it via MP3. The whole album for $7.99, even.

I have a tendency to like stuff that then goes away. It started with bands, where I would find a band I really liked and they would shortly thereafter breakup. Now that I can drink again, it’s seasonal beers that I fall in love with and then they disappear. But anyway, back to the music. Another one like that is The Format. We did get to see them live before they self-destructed. So there’s that.

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That’s off their album Dog Problems, which is good pretty much from start to finish. You can snag it.

And lastly, I shall give you Matchbook Romance with “Monsters,” the music video for which has given me another idea for a short story. So damn them.

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That’s off of the album Voices, which is available from Amazon here.

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