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Threadless $10 Sale About to End

Lights Out from Threadless

While I wear pretty much nothing but black clothing, I would not consider myself goth, nor did I ever think of myself as somebody who would wear a lot of black clothing with skulls on it. Not this Xmas, but the one prior, I got two skull T-shirts from my in-laws. Which made me wonder if they were trying to tell me something–or if there was some kind of commentary happening on my personality. Or it may have been the fact that one said “Death Before Decaf” on it. Or perhaps they saw me wearing one of my Evolution NYC t-shirts and thought it suited me. Regardless, I find myself drawn to yet another skull t-shirt, this one the “Lights Out” pictured from Threadless. So maybe they were completely right about me. Who can say?

What I can say is that Threadless’ $10 holiday sale is drawing to a close Monday morning. You’ve got until 10am CST/11am EST. And you know I like to tell you about deals. Not only is all their stuff on sale, but there’s also new stuff, like the Cosette-approved “It’s Toile About You.” Which, funnily enough, is by Emmy Cicierega, sister of my arch nemesis Neil. There’s also the brilliant alternate history shirt, “Twenty If By Giant Robot.”

So snag the deals while you can. Tell them we said hi as well.