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Stuff: You Live Actioned My Battleship (Yamato)!

There’s a lot of stuff happening these days in Popculturitania. Don’t worry, here’s your quick tour of what’s what. One post, and you can move on with your day. And as a reminder, if you want to purchase something we mention in here, doing so through this site gives us kickbacks, which helps pay for coffee. And you know, the server. In that order. Enjoy.

  • The previously mentioned Space Battleship Yamato looks like it might be live-actiontastic. It’s out from Toho and going to hit Japan in December. Check this out:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Alec by Eddie Campbell

  • Eddie Campbell’s ginormous Alec has been collected in an omnibus edition by our friends at Top Shelf. It’s massive. And you could bludgeon a rhino to death with it. And just like their collections of From Hell, it’s a killer deal. Amazon shows it out of stock, so forget it and go straight to the source.

  • If this article is accurate, Mel Gibson‘s project How I Spent My Summer Vacation, which he scribed and will star in, will cause the displacement of the inmates of the prison in Mexico where it’s going to be filmed. Now everybody’s protesting against Gibson, and he’s not everybody’s favorite person, I know, but…it’s Veracruz Governor Fidel Herrera who said the move was happening. And it’s not the prisoners we’re necessarily concerned about, but “In Mexico, inmates’ families are their only source of food and clean clothing, and a move would require many families to relocate to the new location as well.” So…that’s a bit of a mess.
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  • Iron Sky, the previously mentioned film where the Nazis return from the Moon in 2018 to try and conquer the world, is getting some funding. Distribution sales are already happening, so that’s good. I just know I want to see it and soon. Article here; check out the official film site here.

  • So it’s Sir Peter Jackson now, apparently. I wonder if there’s a ceremony and he’s too busy to attend, will he send Guillermo Del Toro in his place? Just curious.
  • Law & Order has been renewed for a 21st season. Can I make a suggestion? Can NBC air Law & Order UK over here? Because it is choice. Source.
  • Guess who else Disney is getting closer with? Besides Marvel–because that deal is done and done. POW! Entertainment, Stan Lee‘s company. Disney snagged a 10% stake in the company for $2.5M. Part of the deal? “Exclusive consulting services.” I’ll invite Tuffley to comment on that further (and better than I could), but you could take that bit in a number of directions. Source.
  • Mad Men‘s third season hits DVD and Blu-Ray on March 23rd from Lionsgate. You can pre-order DVD here and Blu-Ray here.
  • Sir Ian McKellen alone on stage with no props and costumes and just a wheelbarrow full of Shakespearean monologues to perform? (Metaphorical wheelbarrow, mind you.) That’s Acting Shakespeare, announced for January 12th. Pre-order yours here.
  • Priest poster

  • When did Paul Bettany turn into action guy? I just ask because first there was Legion (due out shortly) and now check out the poster (click to embiggen) for the aforementioned Priest due out from Screen Gems on August 20th. The premise? “A warrior priest (Paul Bettany) disobeys Church law by teaming with a young sheriff (Cam Gigandet) and a beautiful priestess (Maggie Q). The three band together to track down a band of renegade vampires who have kidnapped the priest’s niece before they turn her into one of them.” It also stars Karl Urban, Brad Dourif and Christopher Plummer. And yes, it’s based on the manga.
  • Usagi Yojimbo plush
  • The Ultimate Dambusters Collection hits DVD from BFS Entertainment in February, has the first disc narrated by Stephen Fry. It’s a three-disc docu. If you’re interested you can pre-order a copy here.

  • Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is getting the plush treatment from Dark Horse in honor of his 25th anniversary. The doll itself will stand fourteen inches tall. It hits stores in May. Click the pic to the right there to embiggen.