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DreamCast: Law & Order: London

Law and Order: London

Law & Order: London (or Law & Order: UK as we’ve also seen it called–since LOU is a less unfortunate acronym than LOL) airs in the spring with thirteen episodes. Can’t wait to see it, with Bradley Walsh (Coronation Street), Jamie Bamber (Hornblower), Harriet Walter (crapload of TV and theatre and Christopher Lee‘s niece…how cool would it be to have an “Uncle Chris” like that), Ben Daniels (Beautiful Thing), Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who) and Bill Paterson (Traffik).

I know the first series has probably long since ceased production–and I have no idea who they have as the guest stars for each episode–but if it goes to a second series, we thought they could use some suggestions for who should appear.


  • Frankie Boyle as a priest who knows something about a homicide but can’t speak due to priest/sinner confidentiality. You know you want this too. Even better, he works at an orphanage for handicapped children.
  • Jo Brand as any damn thing she wants. She is gold.
  • Derren Brown as a fake psychic. Seriously, watch his Messiah special. Scary shit.
  • Hugh Dennis as an insurance pitch man. You probably wouldn’t even have to pay him.
  • Stephen Fry as a criminal mastermind. Seriously. If he plays a recurring Moriarty-type, that’s even better.
  • Robert Llewelyn as a Richard Branson-esque billionaire who’s suspected of taking out a rival with one of his hot air balloon stunts.
  • Paul Merton as a panel show host involved in a tabloid front page scandal involving drugs and a prostitute. Again, he might do it for free.
  • Jonathan Ross as a hotshot comic writer who wakes up in his hotel room at a comic book convention with a dead fan and no memory of how she got there.
  • Johnny Vegas as a deceptively goofy attorney who’s a helluva opponent in the courtroom. Think of Peter Jacobson’s recurring character from the original Law & Order.
  • And lastly, two definites. John Nettles as anything where he’s the murderer and please make Brian Blessed a judge. Please please please.


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    • Ah since we are reverse imagineering here. I propose Christopher Lee take on the Eli Wallach role of a union worker dying of cancer who commits a murder. Christopher even though very tall he can be a retired minor suffering black lung committing a murder only to escape full punishment because he is dying.

    • I want everyone from Torchwood in it but that’s not what really hits me about this post.

      That you put the link to HORNBLOWER for Bamber? DUDE! COME ON!

    • Well, it’s good to see an American TV show ship over, instead of the states remaking various UK shows. Although, I was a fan of LOL, I doubt Dave Wolf was enthused about his show being an acronym for laughter.

    • Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah, L&O:UK has turned out to be fantastic, BTW. It’s not clear from your comment if you’ve seen it yet or not, but it’s worth seeking out.