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Stuff: The Things That Happened Before The Thing

The Thing prequel

An entire website’s worth of pop culture news in a single post. Because it’s silly to rewrite press releases into 500 word articles…wouldn’t you say?

  • I understand there’s something or other called the Super Bowl happening today…or…something? All I know is that Amazon has got the Super Bowl I-XL collector’s set for $54.99, which is 63% off the list price of $149.98. As always, it’s good for today only and while stocks last. Click here to buy yours.
  • The Thing is getting a prequel where we find out the story on the Norwegian camp that got wasted before we joined our heroes. Since Norwegian horror seems to be taking off, I would be behind this if they shot it like one of the Norwegian indie films we’ve seen recently, like Dead Snow or Cold Prey. I would trust Norway to do this right before I’d trust Hollywood. Source.
  • The BAFTA nominee full list is now available here. Speaking of awards: wow, Kung Fu Panda was named best feature at the Annie animation awards.
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  • John Doyle, the director who brought you the recent revivals of Sweeney Todd and Company has signed on to his feature film debut, Main Street, the drama by Horton Foote. Source.
  • io9 wants you to watch Cobra rise in the G.I. Joe teaser trailer–that’s right, watch Cobra rise and your hopes for the film fall. It is really, really bad. Sorry, but it is.
  • Neil Gaiman will be scripting a twelve-page Metamorpho story for Mike Allred to supply the art for. Source.
  • An Inconvenient Truth–the opera? Apparently so. Hitting Milan in 2011. Source.
  • The iSteamPhone shirt–what if DaVinci had created the iPhone–is ridiculously badass. Get yours here. Tell them we said hi. Source.
  • Predator remake? Even with Robert Rodriguez behind it–which means Danny Trejo–which we always like–we ask ourselves…Why? So does io9.
  • Carl Reiner stepped down as host of the DGA Awards this past Friday night due to snagging some food poisoning. Get well soon, Carl. Source.
  • It’s official: Zach Braff is leaving after this season and thus Scrubs will come to an end. I guess we get to find out the Janitor’s name at last, huh? Source.
  • Shrek has gone berserk, spawning a musical and now a spinoff–Puss in Boots is to get his own feature film. Since Antonio Banderas voices Puss, can’t you just re-purpose an unused draft of Zorro 3? Source.
  • New Tomb Raider film franchise? Apparently so. The film rights reverted to Eidos and are now held at Warner Brothers. Shame, really. Angelina Jolie would have been great if she had just had a good script to be Lara Croft with. Source.