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Stuff: Fleeting Expletives = Deck Chairs on the Decency Titanic

Many sites want you to spend all day reading their regurgitated press releases. We would never dream of wasting your time like that. But like this–this is fair game.

Gremlin Shoe by Reebok

  • In a bit of retro madness/genius, Reebok is putting out shoes based on the movie Gremlins, which I’m sad to say, turns 25 this year. Shown is a snippet of the Gremlin shoe. There’s also a Mogwai shoe. No idea where you can get a pair for yourself, though. Source.
  • Is it possible? Can it be? After years of lamenting over the loss of funnyman Chevy Chasehe’s in a pilot for NBC that looks like it’ll get picked up for series? It’s called Community and I fear it will either be brilliant and last all of four episodes or be shit and last for all of four seasons. We shall see.
  • Death Note is going to be remade into a live-action film by Warner Brothers, or at least the first three volumes of the manga. The scribes who did Tarsem’s aforementioned War of the Gods are on board. Source.
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  • In other news this week, the Supreme Court ruled that the FCC can fine networks for “fleeting expletives.” This Variety article says what I would want to say even better than I could: that the point is relatively moot. And silly. Although I would like to add an echo of Lessig: destroy the FCC.
  • Ricky GervaisFlanimals children’s books are being made into a 3-D animated feature over at Universal. Gervais is also on board to executive produce and lend his voice to the main character. “The four-volume series, illustrated by Rob Steen, encompasses a world inhabited by 50 species of creatures so ugly and misshapen they become cute and endearing.” Source.
  • The animated Green Lantern movie is now available for pre-order on both Blu-Ray (click here) and DVD (click here). Oh, and that street date is now July 28th.
  • The Blu-Ray version of the theatrical cuts of The Lord of the Rings is now available for pre-order. The extended cuts…not yet. And a small uprising of fans in the Amazon reviews shows that they’re pissed they can’t have both. Well, they can. They just need to wait till probably…let’s see, these are coming out later this year. So the Extended will probably be holiday 2010, I’m thinking. And then the megaset will come out with The Hobbit in 2011. Just a guess. So, sure, just wait and you’ll get what you want, folks. I’m just saying. But these same people complaining will buy the set anyway and then wonder why the studios keep doing this. Duh.
  • Mad Men: Season Two is out July 14th…but available to pre-order from Amazon right now.
  • Uncle Warren tells us that Bruce Willis is in talks to star in Red with Richard Donner a possibility to helm. This actually sounds promising and makes me feel better after my initial, but warranted after years of experience, reaction.
  • Well, this is interesting: the Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Original Series: Season One (just streeted this week) enables its owners to “access daily reports from FEDCON, Europe’s largest Star Trek convention, for direct download from the disc’s BD-Live portal. Apart from the additional information and exclusive videos and trailers provided via BD-Live, videos of the highlights at FEDCON will be available for download.” Nice. If you don’t own yours yet, here’s where you can do that thing.
  • Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele’s quite tasty series The Surrogates (going to be a movie in September starring Bruce Willis) is getting a new edition in July from Top Shelf, as well as a sequel volume, Flesh and Bone. There’s also a deluxe limited edition hardcover of both volumes. I recommend this–it’s an excellent SF story. You can still get the original edition of the first collection here, and the second volume is available for pre-order here.
  • Damn you people in Boston and Kansas City, because when They Might Be Giants comes to your towns, they’re going to play the entirety of the Flood album–the first TMBG album I ever owned and still my favorite. Damn. Those busy bastards and not only touring, but working on a new album for adults, a new DVD and CD for kids, and a picture book. For more info on the live shows, check out their site. And it doesn’t say specifically there, but the Flood show is May 22nd in Kansas City and June 13th in Boston.
  • Free stuff from TwoMorrows for Free Comic Book Day? Yes. Get your ass over here and check out the latest issues of their mags in digital form plus some other classic issues. TwoMorrows rocks. Don’t miss this if you love comics, because you’ll kick yourself.
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    • The Mogwai sneaker is a neater product as it does look like someone used the hide of a Mogwai for the shoe. I am sure they cost a pretty penny as well.