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This Just In: The Surrogates

Surrogates #1 cover art

Welcome to 2054. Rather than go online and create an avatar that you can go and do whatever you want with, like out of Neal Stephenson or William Gibson, the thing is to grab yourself a Surrogate. Basically, it’s a meatspace avatar that lets you go out into the world without actually, you know, going out into the world. Now instead of being anyone you want over IM or in some kind of MMORPG, you can do it on the streets of your town with no worries.

Well, until now. There’s somebody out there slagging surrogates with enormous charges of electricity. And when the cops figure out that this is no act of God but a crime, it looks like things are going to get crazier before the thing ends its five issue run.

Scribe Robert Venditti creates a world and hits the ground running, making for an excellent opening salvo. And Brett Weldele’s art makes for a terrific Sienkiewicz-esque feeling. This Top Shelf release is good, bottom line. Check more info out here.


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  • Wow, what a great story. And this is the first thingthat Robert Venditti has written? It’s the best sci-fi in a long time.

  • To my knowledge, yes, it’s his first. Tell “Uncle Mike” I said hi. And don’t do that again. Thanks.