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This Just In: Cryptozoo Crew

Meet Tork and Tara Darwyn. They are a husband and wife team of cryptozoologists, off tracking down such beasts as the Mothman, giant man-eating plants that put Audrey II to shame, and the Loch Ness Monster. Tork is a bit impetuous and hard-headed and Tara somehow manages to pull their collective fat out of the fire. I like it myself because it’s high weirdness played for laughs, and you know how I love high weirdness. I subscribe to both Fortean Times and Skeptical Inquirer, for pity’s sake. And as a bonus, there’s plenty of bad pun action and monkeys. Everything goes better with monkeys.

It’s amusing stuff from NBM, so for some samples and other goodness, check out the title’s website here.