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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Man’s Best Fiends

WOOF puppet

Each Monday morning we like to open up the work week’s festivities with a video that will give you a bit of WTF perspective on the week. Something so odd that it will make the madhouse you’re about to enter seem tame by comparison.

So there used to be this DC comic called Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth, in which the world was ruled by animals that had evolved into anthropomorphic versions of themselves. Humans were reduced to utter savagery. Why do I mention this when I view this video, brought to you by the madmen at Everything is Terrible!? Because I believe we’re seeing an alternate version of Kamandi’s world, in which the creatures have become intelligent enough to run a television station. And you never see who’s manning the cameras, do you? Our descendents, I’m thinking…enslaved by those we once called pets.

No, I haven’t slept. How are you?

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