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Win Lock n’ Load With R. Lee Ermey Season One on DVD!

Lock n Load with R. Lee Ermey: The Complete Season One DVD

It’s fun with R. Lee Ermey. And this fun is his latest show for The History Channel. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Get hands-on with some of the world’s fiercest firearms as LOCK N’ LOAD WITH R. LEE ERMEY: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE takes viewers on a fascinating ride through the pathology of a featured weapon: where it came from, who thought of it, who improved it, its victories, its defeats, its impact on history and where it is now.

In each episode of this HISTORY™ series, Gunnery Sergeant, drill instructor, Vietnam veteran, actor and former Mail Call host R. Lee Ermey will look at the inner workings of a weapon that made battlefield history, from machine guns and tanks, to pistols and rockets. Special high-speed photography and advanced 3D graphics detail the improvements, changes in technology and thinking behind each weapon, providing a deep understanding of how the weapon has developed throughout history, from its humble, often cumbersome and even awkward beginnings, to its sheer power and precision today. It’s an enthralling tour through the origins, evolution, and innovations of weapons, as Ermey delivers the story with, literally, one finger on the trigger.

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