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32 Days of Halloween V, Day 21: The Night America Trembled

Orson Welles: War of the Worlds

Day 21 of 32 Days of Halloween is up in the air at this point from a traditional point of view, so we’ll consult Rox of Spazhouse and her crystal ball of awesomeness. What she’s uncovered is an episode of Studio One. The show was sponsored by Westinghouse (usually found under the full title of Westinghouse Studio One) and was an anthology series, featuring everything from 12 Angry Men (the story’s first appearance) to Wuthering Heights.

Rox found us the first episode of the tenth season: The Night America Trembled. This features a dramatic recreation of the events of October 30, 1938. That’s when the Mercury Theatre did their in/famous War of the Worlds radio program and freaked everybody right the hell out. Among the cast of the dramatization is Ed Asner, and Edward R. Murrow hosts. Other faces to look for? James Coburn, John Astin and Warren Beatty.

The episode is available as “B Side” to the other episode “Sentence of Death” on this DVD.

Previously on this day we’ve entertained ourselves with The Whisperer in Darkness, Oscar Wilde’s Frankenstein, The Fearless Vampire Killers and a twofer of George C. Scott goodness.