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Untitled Music Podcast #3: The State of the Industry

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The return of our still untitled music podcast. This podcast generally covers music and other transgressions and is co-hosted by Rob Levy, Tuffley and myself. Let us know what you think.

This episode’s central topic is “The State of the Industry.” Within you will find the discussion of self-titled albums, music blogs going bye-bye, the importance of doing backups, obligatory mentions of Beach House and Them Crooked Vultures, how to release albums in the 21st Century, major labels vs. indies, Labels That Kill, Ticketmaster and LiveNation and the potential for evil (or good), live music (in general and why), radio, MTV, Kurt Loder as the harbinger of doom, the fate of Abbey Road Studios* and more.

*NOTE: We recorded this this past Sunday, and within forty-eight hours, guess what happened.


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  • If there a problem with the I-tunes on this one or does my computer hate me? Doesn’t seem to be on the feed. Will direct download for now. Thanks for the cast!

  • Having recently been to an Eric Clapton concert, been very disappointed and paid $100 a ticket each for the privilege, this podcast opened up some old wounds.

  • I agree “Live in London” by Leonard Cohen is brilliant. I am watching it/listening to it constantly these days.

    Oddly enough, all my live conert experiences are positive. Say what you will about Bryan Adams but he and his band are really good live. B. B. King was brilliant when I saw him, opening act was Renne Olstead who did an impressive job.

    The third live act I saw is probably unkown in the US:

    I would go so far to say, that they are only good live but live they’re really good. The records are really pale in comparison.