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Win Clash of the Gods on DVD!

Clash of the Gods DVD

Yes, Clash of the Titans is coming. Without Harry Hamlin. And to celebrate (the remake, not the Hamlin-less nature of it), A&E is putting out Clash of the Gods. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

This March, A&E Home Entertainment invites you to travel back to a more ancient time to discover the magical stories behind Zeus, Hercules, Hades, Medusa and many more of the most legendary mythological figures with the popular new HISTORYâ„¢ series, CLASH OF THE GODS. In the cutting-edge graphic style of 300, CLASH OF THE GODS: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE brings ancient mythology to rich life with stunning modern-day CGI.

Thousands of years ago, myths were used to help frame the world of the ancients, and dictate the guidelines of their societies. Today, these same myths are often the first stories we learn as children, iconic tales in which good and evil clash, and humanity and fantasy collide. But what is the reality behind these stories? From the epic tragedy of Medusa, Greek mythology’s most infamous female fiend, to Hercules, its greatest action hero, and Hades, master of the land of the dead and a god so feared no one would speak his name, these myths and the legendary figures who inspired them are explored in CLASH OF THE GODS. Connecting ancient myths to actual historical events, as well as to events in the Bible and other cultures’ mythologies, each CGI-filled episode pulls together important historical insight from renowned scholars in search of the truth behind the legends.

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  • I’m having fun tonight entering your many contests as I watch Dancing with the Stars