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Win MysteryQuest Season One on DVD!

MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One DVD

Yes, it’s more paranormality on The History Channel, with the first season of MysteryQuest. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Dispatching teams of experts to try to solve some of mankind’s strangest and most persistent mysteries HISTORYâ„¢ travels to the furthest reaches of the globe in search of the truth in MYSTERYQUEST: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE. Utilizing leading researchers, scientific inquiry, cutting-edge forensic techniques and expert interviews, each mystery – from Hitler’s Escape and the Lost City of Atlantis to the Zodiac Killer – is explored in a unique way in this eye-opening 10-part series. It’s MONSTERQUEST meets UFO HUNTERS in each episode of MYSTERYQUEST, as on-location shooting, high-tech gadgetry and visual and audio analysis unite with modern-day forensics in an attempt to bring us one step closer to the truth behind history’s biggest unsolved puzzles. Will history be re-written?

We’ve got a copy of that first season here on DVD. Want to win it? Enter using the form below. And enter once a day…because you can, so why wouldn’t you? If we draw your name when the contest ends, you win. Good luck.

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