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Charlie Brooker & Episode 803 of the World’s Most Complex Soap Opera

Charlie Brooker: Newswipe

So Ken recommended this highly and said I would want to share it with others. He wasn’t lying. So here we are. And you know this is good, because I seldom share full episodes of anything–the last time was, well, Brian.

I didn’t upload this, but because the BBC is terrified that somebody outside of the UK might want to enjoy their quality programming, I’ve had to resort to embedding what some nice person on YouTube did for us. Here is the first episode of Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe.


Direct link for the feedreaders.

His previous series, Screenwipe, is not yet available on DVD. Sadly.

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  • Ripping of Chris Morris more than just a little here methinks! Even Charlie’s delivery is Morrisesque!