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Music Monday: Mike Patton, Ultravox and The Fall

Mike Patton: Mondo Cane
Ultravox: Vienna
The Fall: 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong

We have more selections from music minister Rob Levy here: kicking off with Needcoffee favorite, Mike Patton. A commenter on the Youtube video you’re about to see asks if there’s anything the man can’t do. And we’re not sure there is an answer to that. He’s sort of ludicrously busy. We open up with a selection from his latest album, Mondo Cane, and a live performance of “Deep Down.”

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The album’s available from Amazon as either an MP3 download or a CD. Click on your medium of choice to order one for yourself. And for a review of the disc, check out friends of Needcoffee, FEARnet.

Next we go back in time with a live performance of “Vienna” by Ultravox. And…is it just me or did Mike Patton get his moustache from Midge Ure?

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The 2008 re-issue of the album is available as an import, which means your best bet is to snag it as an MP3 download from Amazon. But if you must have the kind you can hold in your hand, we won’t stand in your way.

And last but not least, we go back to the 2004 release 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong, the greatest hits album for The Fall, which contained, among other songs, “The Man Whose Head Expanded.” Here’s a live performance of the song from the DVD Perverted by Language.

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You can snag the DVD from Amazon by clicking above…but if you’d like the full 50,000 album, the MP3 and CD are both the same price as I write this: $13.99. Click on the medium of your choice to snag at will.