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Your Weekend Justice #66: Power Girl and Her Origins

And we’re back. Please note: this podcast, if you haven’t figured it out, is profane and not safe for consumption by children or animals. Or sentient creatures of any sort. Or even cardboard boxes. Nothing. Nobody. Got it?




  • UK politics explained. Sorta.
  • Leigh’s child and cursing.
  • Red Stripe comparison
  • Leigh’s kid discovers Ms. Marvel
  • Widge’s teenage years and Starfire (link NSFW)
  • Leigh’s kid and Power Girl (more) (more) (still more)
  • New Teen Titans
  • Buffy and the corruption of youth
  • Doctor Doomette
  • Ken vs. the Sound Board
  • Midget Television
  • Shatner‘s Raw Nerve
  • Old school Twilight Zone
  • First contact with aliens…no thanks
  • Stephen King films
  • Secret King Wars
  • [ad#rightpost]

  • The Macchio
  • Whatever happened to Data?
  • Goonie Babies
  • The Lost Jennifer Grey
  • The Lost Val Kilmer
  • Our own version of Secret Invasion
  • Rob’s Robin Hood review
  • More Boobs in Comics
  • The Doctor Who question
  • Things we don’t know
  • NCIS/Torchwood mashup
  • Whore Comics

Additionally: Emma Frost’s mysterious package

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  • Wow. Just wow. I appreciate you wanting to out-NSFW us, but man, that might have made even Scott blush. Link removed just so I don’t feel quite so filthy.

  • As a connoisseur of shock and extreme, I take your rightful link censorship as a compliment. I’m sure Scott, and quite a few of the Unique Geek guys, have seen their fare share of animated tentacle-erotica, but it makes me laugh to imagine Leigh stumbling on this and having a panic attack knowing that her kid has access to such things. I know when I was tweenish (and the internet was new to the masses) that a fair number of my peers primarily used the net to discover new levels of prurience to expose each other to; I imagine that social dynamic remains intact amongst today’s youth as an inherent function of the exploratory nature and boundary development of adolescence. There may even be a huge generational divide in terms of what shocks and what doesn’t because my generation of the Millennials and the rising net generation being birthed now will have unprecedented easy access, and subsequent increased exposure, to things prior “censored for reasons of common good taste”. Not to call you an old fuddy-duddy or to undermine the overall “wrongness” of the clip I posted, but I think people in both mine and younger generations would have been more prone to a mere giggle or even a dismissive “aww that’s olds” (as in seen it already) in reaction to such a clip. Sorry I ramble, just like to dish my pet theories on media whenever I get a chance to do so. Basically, I think it’s getting tougher to shock people, so I’m glad I was able to facilitate a shock experience for you.
    impish netlove,

  • Kelly: I’m glad you think I’m so easily shocked. Actually, the most shocking thing about the clip you linked to was the quality of the animation, frankly. I’ve just never had somebody try to link tentacle porn in comments before so what you had was surprise more than shock. There’s plenty of things I like that I don’t allow myself to have on the site, much less anyone else. But thanks for playing and thanks for not getting pissed that I removed the link. As you know, with the use of Google, just because it’s gone from your link doesn’t mean it can’t be found. So one site’s editorial stance means a hill of beans in the end.