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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: On Their Way to the Promised Land

Duckmandu rocks it

Each week we like to take you to a strange place–a place where you mind just sort of gives up and runs with the madness. That’s the best way to start a work week, we’ve found, so we look at this as prep-work for whatever asylum of choice you toil in.

This time around we’ve got the rawk provided by Kevin Kmetz on shamisen and Aaron Seeman (apparently also known as Duckmandu) on accordion, wailing (literally) on “Highway to Hell.” I have no idea what makes this video so appealing. Is it the setting in the middle of seeming nowhere? Is it the inexplicable audience of school buses? Or is it the wild abandon with which the two men attack the song, wrestle it to the ground and steal its lunch money? I think it’s all of it, personally. All meticulously generated to melt your face. Good luck.

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