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Win Oceans on DVD!

Oceans DVD Cover Art

The BBC documentary series Oceans is coming soon on DVD, and we have three copies to give away. This is out from BBC Home Video…and here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Submerge beneath the waves and unravel the mysteries of the deep in the stunning 8-part documentary series – Oceans. This aquatic odyssey takes viewers to over 50 locations and traverses some of the planet’s most challenging environments including beneath the frozen Arctic ice-sheets, the Caribbean’s mysterious black holes, and the deep submerged caves of Mallarco. Filmed over one year, only allowing a few weeks for each film destination, each adventure sees the experts face daily challenges of changeable weather, unpredictable conditions and strong sea currents while living together on a dive boat. Culled from over 400 hours of stunning rare footage, this 3-disc set is packed with amazing discoveries, incredible creatures, illuminating shipwrecks, and more.

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