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From the Archives: Make the Bad Men Stop II, 2009

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Sorry, no Weekend Justice this week. We’re taking a week off so I can go do some dastardly deeds. We will return to our regularly scheduled nonsensical huh-inducing madness next week.

However, to tide you over, here’s a bit we’ve been saving for a rainy day: our friend and yours, Jon from The Unique Geek, was kind enough to record some of what we did at DragonCon 2009, and here we are with the second “Make the Bad Men Stop” panel. It’s become a kind of hellish tradition to close out Leigh’s X-Track room each year with a reprise of our “Bad Men” panel, in which we make people cry by telling them about what terrible things are going to befall their favorite books and comics.

Please note: this audio was recorded live in front of a studio audience who had nothing else better to do than stick around.