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Music Monday: Being 747, Sleigh Bells and Flyleaf

Rob Levy has hand picked some more music goodness for the week ahead. And I snuck one in at the end.

Being 747: Amoeba to Zebra
Sleigh Bells: Treats

First up, we have one of the coolest things I’ve seen in some time: Being 747 has created Amoeba to Zebra, a “natural history musical.” What we have after the jump is a live performance of the second chapter of said musical, “Bodybuilding,” in which they sing of the rise of complex life forms. I dig this on so many levels…

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Being 747’s Amoeba to Zebra is available as an MP3 download from Amazon.

Next up, there’s Sleigh Bells, with the title track off of Treats, which Rob recommended on the most recent episode of Weekend Justice.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Sleigh Bells’ Treats is available as both a CD or MP3 download from Amazon. Click on your medium of choice to order.

And lastly, this pick is all mine. It’s a song I can’t seem to stop listening to. And the live version of Flyleaf’s “I’m So Sick” shows two things. One, that the band has so much energy I find the whole thing appalling. And two, that Lacey Mosley can really scream and shriek like that outside the studio. Seriously, her vocal cords are Not Screwing Around.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Flyleaf’s self-titled album is available on CD from Amazon.