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Sumo Sway Bean Bag Chair – Review

Sumo Sway
It grins like a comfy Productivity-Eating Tree.

Sumo, the experts in making you never want to get up again, have returned with a new piece of gear: the Sway. We’ve previously looked at their Omni bean bag and Otto combo and the ridiculously marshmallow-esque SumoSac so we were intrigued to see where the latest in bean bag technology was headed.

There is definite good news here. At least for your productivity. As we noted, especially with the SumoSac, if you get comfy on one of these things, forget about it. We’ve had people take naps on the SumoSac, for example. Sometimes without meaning to. But now that the Sway, being an actual chair–where you remain seated instead of lying down–you at least stand a chance of getting back on your feet.

And as one might expect–the Sway (it comes in both single and couple versions) is comfy as hell. Sitting in it, your ass becomes happy rather quickly. It’s perfect for couching out–it even comes with a side pocket to keep a remote (it’s large enough to handle a foam sword as well–don’t ask, it’s all part of our scientific testing here). So you could potentially lose hours in it. Gamers, you will dig the hell out of it.

Sumo Sway with Otto
Say hello to my little friend.

There’s one grief that I have…and that’s the fact that I’m too tall to rest my head back against it while properly seated. So my head lolls back on it. I’m about 5′ 10″, and people shorter than I who have tried it out find it perfectly sized for them. However, we quickly came up with a solution: the Otto. You might recall Otto–it’s the ottoman that Sumo sells. Park that in front of the Sway and I can slouch, rest my head, prop up my feet and…wake up six hours later wondering where the day went.

Like with most Sumo products, the problem is that if you buy one, you’re going to be the last person to use it, since it will be claimed quickly at every party. They come covered in either microsuede or corduroy and come in multiple colors. We think you only need one color: black–but different strokes, and all that. You’re seeing the pitch black version we have, but the microsuede has five other colors to choose from and the corduroy has three others. As to how well this will hold up, I can tell you that both the Omni and the SumoSac we previously reviewed are still here at the TechnoCave and get used. And they’re still alive and well. So yes, the $249-$299 pricetag (based on size and fabric) might be steep, but it’s something you’re going to have for years. I would recommend the Couple especially if you’re on the big size like me. But I would definitely recommend it.

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