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Lounging About With Sumo and Otto!

Sumo Omni

Sumo is the company that makes what they call “urban lounge gear.” What does that mean in English? Well, they offer the Sumo and the Otto. The Sumo is what you might think of at first as a ginormous beanbag pillow. And by ginormous, we’re talking 5.5 by 4.5 feet. Which means you can lay down/curl up on it easy.

So of course you’re thinking: so what, giant beanbag, right? Big deal. Well, not exactly. First up–because it’s so damn big, you can mold it into practically any shape you want. Stretch it out on the floor and crash out on it. Set it on its side and mash it into a bigass pillow throne and sit on it. Stick it up against a wall and lounge on it. You can see the various configurations you can make it into on their site.

Now, also, when you first take hold of this thing the reaction is: just how comfortable can this thing be? I mean, we’re talking little foam beads in a pillow that size. It feels pretty damn firm and doesn’t feel like it could be comfy at all, frankly. But when you park your butt on it–it’s so sweet, you’ll be lucky if you can get up off of it. It took a few days for me to get any time with it, because I had to fight people off of it to try the damn thing out. It’s that comfy. And it’s that comfy in pretty much any shape you stick it in. And yeah, it can ruin your productivity. Because you do get so comfy you don’t want to get up.

[ad#longpost]It comes in a total of eight colors, including black. Which, of course, is the only color you need. In fact, in the pictures below I’m actually sitting on it–you just can’t see me because my totally black clothing has blended in with the Omni. The fabric the thing is made out of seems durable as hell and also feels like it would be able to take just about anything you could dish out on it, although I wasn’t about to go and spill something on it. We’re reviewers, but we’re not crazy.

Now–there’s also the Otto, which is actually what you think it is. It’s a cylindrical beanbag ottoman that works either by itself or in conjunction with the Omni. Be warned, though: crash out on the Omni with your feet up on the Otto and we may never hear from you again. Not exactly conducive to sleep deprivation, these two products, but hey, if you’re going to eventually crash out, you might as well do it in comfort and in style. Right? Right.

Check out the site for the full skinnee on the products–be aware that the hot models posing on them are not included in the retail price. And yeah, as of this writing, five colors of the Omni are on sale for back to school/fall pricing. So snag them now while you can. Just use these products wisely.

Sumo Omni

Sumo Omni

Sumo Otto