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Podcast Review: Product Girl

Makeup junkies, rejoice! The Product Girl podcast is a makeup-lover’s dream. Every week or so, the Product Girl talks about all kinds of cosmetics; some shows are themed, such as lip products from balms to glosses, and some shows are a scattershot look at what’s new and what’s interesting. She reviews drugstore finds, as well as the more expensive department stores brands, such as M.A.C., Stila, and Lancôme. She also takes questions from listeners, so if you have a specific makeup concern, like proper application or whether or not some product is worth its pricetag, give her a shout via voicemail or email, and she’ll answer you. The accompanying blog provides quasi-transcripts, as well as links, images, and info about upcoming shows. Recent shows have included a look at new fall products from major lines, skincare goodies, and expiration dates for various kinds of makeup, from mascara to lip gloss.

So whether you only wear makeup to goth it up for clubbing, or you are required to wear make professional makeup for your job, there’s something here to make your choices a little bit easier, and maybe save you some costly mistakes in the process.