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ScottC vs. Mars Needs Podcasts

Mars Needs Podcasts logo

I think we have finally cleared our karmic debt for releasing the Burger King back into the advertising world. It seems that Weekend Justice, Needcoffee’s splendid train-wreck of a podcast, along with the Ken P.D. Snydecast and the those adorable Irish lads Aaron and Brian on Cabin Fever has inspired a babble of podcasts. These podcasts show that you can entertain people across the world without needing a major media conglomerate force feeding you onto the general public. You can produce something and get it out there. If we can do it, so can you. Now I’m not going to list all of them because you are all our children and love you all equally. Now, we here at Needcoffee do visit some podcasts on occasion but that does not mean we favor one over the other. I will not tolerate any squabbling between any of you. Don’t make me get out the paddle. (You know how much I like the paddle.)

[ad#longpost]This time, I made an appearance on Mars Needs Podcasts. Hosted by J. J. Hawkins, a self-professed geek who also does live theater and participates with an improv group, The Light Fingered Five, in Portland, Oregon. So it makes sense that Mars Needs Podcasts covers pop culture and theater. Needcoffee fans may know him as giving a great karaoke performance of Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” with Aaron as backup during DragonCon’s Nuts On The Road panel. I could tell you about the episode and what me and J.J. discussed, but he did a very nice job of doing it himself. So I’m going to steal it and put it here:

JJ and his amazing friend ScottC of sit down to compare theatrical stylings. Scott regales us in tales of the Mickee Faust Club and the fine work they do there, while JJ reveals the truth behind the name of the theater company he belongs to Twilight Repertory Theatre. The pair then talk about their homes on the internet and the differences between the two. JJ would like to thank ScottC, and hope you all enjoy this episode as much as he did.

So check out the episode by clicking here. And check out all the other podcasts that are out there. Or start your own. The Internet is great vehicle to get your stuff out there. So you have no excuse, so get off your ass and do it.