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The Grue Café #1: Character Creation

Grue Cafe

Widge here. And I am pleased as hell to bring you yet another podcast from some of the other fevered brains around here. That’s right, it’s a podcast all about gaming–and it stars our three resident experts on the subject, bringing you insight and foresight from their various and sundry backgrounds: Doc Ezra, Rox of Spazhouse and they are led by the intrepid Kim. Join them as they relate their origin stories as gamers. And let them know what you think: because they just might make a habit of this…

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Theme song courtesy of MC Frontalot. Of course.

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  • There are two zombie boardgames that are popular now: “Last Night on Earth” is by Flying Frog Productions, while the “Bag O’ Zombies” Kim mentioned is a supplement to “Zombies!!!” by Twilight Creations.
    I concur w/Rox about the poorly written DBM rules. I’ve played it’s parent game, DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatus) and still haven’t figured it out!

    (Rox’s Brother)