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Our Winners Rock!

See Rock City Today!

Craig Milliken of Washington, Brittany Skidmore of Georgia, and Steven Kotty of Illinois get to run around Miami chasing bad guys with Burn Notice Season 3

How the Earth Changed History goes to Fred Hume of Florida, Joe Wilkins of Colorado, and Cheryl Wilson of Arizona

Lillian Hastings of Louisiana, Joseph Jaeger of Ontario, and Katharine Adams of Florida have won the Family Guy Volume 8/ American Dad Volume 5 prize packs

All work and no play makes Judy Brittle of Michigan a dull boy girl, but now she’s rocking with her new Overlook Hotel tee

Tina McClelland of Pennsylvania can now join the Empire with her new Stormtrooper Mask tee

Showgirls 15th anniversary on Blu-ray gets to entertain Joanne Hough of Missouri, Ralph Farr of California, and Linda Papa of New Jersey

Jolene Wassmer of Iowa is ready for some zombie-killing action with a new Winchester Tavern tee

Joe Locke of Virginia, Patrick Lacombe of New York, and Kevin Yochum of Florida get to delve into small-town secrets with Don McKay on Blu-ray

Valerie Doody of North Carolina and Ivan Pozo-Illas of Florida don’t have to imagine the Herbie Hancock Imagine Project CD any longer

Jeffrey Rodgers of Nova Scotia wins the I Heart Zombies tee

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