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Monster by Mail Sez “Bring on the Bad Guys”

Monster by Mail: Summer of the Super-Villain

Len Peralta–he of Jawbone Radio, creator of that badass zombie clown for Red Nose Net, and artist for the children’s book co-written by Ken Plume and myself–is the man who sends you a Monster By Mail. The normal shot is this: you name your monster and Len draws it. For an extra tenner you can get a vid of said drawing taking place (I guess so he can prove it’s not done with robots or something).

This summer only, he’s throwing a new theme out there: it’s the Summer of the Super-Villain. You provide him with the super-villain name, he’ll do the rest. Nice. For examples of Len’s monsterful prowess, check out the site here. Tell him we said hi.


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