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Your Tuesday Morning Mental Sorbet: Behold, the Symbolic Fish

Salvador Dali

So it’s Tuesday, yes, and the combination of Labor Day here in the U.S. plus DragonCon sapping our collective will to live makes us postpone the Mental Sorbet until today. So if you need a brain-numbing dose before you resume work, here’s a doozie.

I don’t recall when or where I first saw this documentary, but the experience has stuck with me. It’s partly because I have such a fascination with the work of Salvador Dali, and partly because the thing is just so completely whacked out. Narrated by Orson Welles, it’s Dali’s Soft Self-Portrait. If I’ve spoken with you about Dali before, I’ve no doubt mentioned the sequence in the staircase where Dali argues with his narrator. There’s also the birth of Dali on the lakeside where he dumps various things out of the “egg” he was hatched from, including “symbolic fish.”

It’s pretty damn amazing. And if you think his art is bizarre, and haven’t experienced a lot of the man live and in color, get ready. This is a longer sorbet than we normally post, but the fact that it’s available after being lost in Out of Print Land for so long–I couldn’t help but post this. Even if you can’t watch it now, bookmark it and come back. You’ll be glad you did.

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