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Win The Real National Treasure on DVD!

The Real National Treasure DVD Cover Art

And what is the real National Treasure, you ask? Why, the Library of Congress of course. The History Channel’s Modern Marvels explores our nation’s greatest compendium of the written word in The Real National Treasure on DVD, including a bonus feature– and we have a copy to give away. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Housing many of the Nation’s most unique and priceless pieces of history, the U.S. Library of Congress is a library unlike any other. In this fascinating look at the more than two-century-old institution–the largest library in the world–Modern Marvels® takes a rare, behind-the-scenes tour of the Library’s vast collections. Here, upwards of 745 miles of shelves hold close to 145 million items, many of them invaluable treasures from George Washington’s hand-written diaries and personal copy of the Constitution to historic drafts of the Declaration of Independence to Galileo’s first images of the moon. See how a staff of approximately 4,000 people catalog, protect, and preserve these prized possessions and how modern technology has enabled them to distribute these items globally through its award-winning website and a new World Digital Library. Featuring rarely seen footage of the library’s secret vaults and incisive expert interviews, The Real National Treasure is a must-see for any history fan.

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  • Not a comment but a question. On the sweeps form, is the Birth Year 2 digits or four digits or either?

  • Zoltan: Thanks for the question. It’s 4 digits. The “19” comes up as a default for the first two since anyone born before then is more than likely dead and anyone born after then is too young to be on the site, much less enter a contest. Hope that helps.