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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: Meet Willa Mae

Willa Mae, The Church Lady Vampire Slayer

Each Monday we want to start your week off right. Or wrong. Or in some form or fashion that at least jump starts your brain and gets ready to either engage or disengage from the work week that is to come. We provide the tools, you use them however you see fit.

In the column designated as Indie Films That Could Turn Out To Be Awesome, we today find the trailer for Willa Mae, The Church Lady Vampire Slayer. No, seriously, it’s a blaxsploitation homage that puts the Van Helsing character in a Crown. And since it’s played at least one film festival, it looks like it has actually happened and won’t break our hearts, like, say, The South Will Rise Again.

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I wish I had an official site to point you to…if anybody finds one, let me know.