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32 Days of Halloween IV, Day 29: Jonathan Maberry Returns

Jonathan Maberry

Another panel from DragonCon 2010, here is a panel that I moderated for novelist/comic book writer/zombieologist/all-around nice guy Jonathan Maberry, whose latest book, the young adult zombie novel Rot & Ruin, just hit shelves. Here, he discusses, among other things, his writing in general and what led up to his becoming a fiction writer, his work in comics, and how to defend a DragonCon room against zombies. He also provides the first public reading of a new work: the first two chapters of Dead of Night, coming out next June. Enjoy.

Last year I also moderated a panel with the good Mr. Maberry, and you can find that here.

You can find a direct download of the file by right-clicking here.

For more on his work, check out his official website, which just continues to amass information about writing and insight from various authors. You can also find Jonathan on Twitter and Facebook. We’d also like to thank the Apocalypse Rising track for having us, Jonathan for putting up with me, and to Jon at The Unique Geek for recording this for posterity for us.