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A Large Convocation of Winners

Winning Crowd

After.Life will be resurrected for Joan Koczon of Connecticut

Faye Holder of Texas, Kristi Gilleland of Georgia, and Michael Jones of Oklahoma will be enjoying Under the Mountain

The History of Scotland goes to Douglas Buchanan of North Carolina and Diedra Lipscomb of Indiana

Margarita Osborn of Washington and Derek Skreen of California will be kicking it with Simon Schama and A History of Britain

Chad Rust of British Columbia, Thomas Howell of North Carolina, and Darilyn Wood of North Carolina have won Titan Maximum Season 1

Amy Hill will be sunning herself with the EMI Summer Prize Pack for a while to come.

Ian Wilson of Georgia, Leigh Day of North Carolina and Greg Thomas of Tennessee will be hooting with Skelling the Owl Man.

Andrea Andros of New York and Tony Matthews of Arkansas will be undertaking The Incredible Human Journey

Neither Greg Kyle of California nor Judy Johns of Massachusetts live in New York so they probably already consulted Escape From New York. But they won it all the same.

Shelley Mitchell of Michigan and Colin Greene of Ohio won The Great Rift on DVD. The rest of you will need to hang on to your Decent Rifts until a later time.

And last but not least, congrats to Kevin Mominee of Ohio for snagging Cemetery Junction.

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