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More Winners, Now on the Loading Dock

Loading dock

Devon Greer of Nebraska and Maggie Williams of Ontario get to take a road trip to a Blu-Ray of Kalifornia. Hopefully without the crazy people.

Art Stephens of Georgia, Alan Ferguson of North Dakota and Richard Phillips of Alaska get to have Date Night. But probably not with each other.

Stephanie Stone of Wisconsin and Eric Southerland of California get to delve into the Blu-Ray of The Great Rift.

Doris Jordan of Rhode Island will get to download Superman: Doomsday.

Erica Zimmerman of Utah and Julia Gardner of Missouri both win $5 a Day. The movie, rather. Not like a per diem or anything.

Carol Wayne of Kentucky, John Stott of Ohio and Aaron Bretveld of Illinois get to bury the Hatchet on Blu-Ray.

John Kivlen of Florida, Paul Harris of Washington and James Lynam of Michigan win Ca$h. Again, the DVD version, not the actual green spendable version. Just to be clear.

Mike Rogers of Missouri, William Causey of Michigan and Danni Pike of Vermont win The Joneses and don’t necessarily, therefore, need to keep up.

Jo Hanson of Florida and Marian Madison of Connecticut are both winners of the City Island DVD.

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