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Your Monday Morning Mental Sorbet: The True Spirit of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving equals butter

Each week we want to start you off with something special. Something to get your mind into the right place (or perhaps even the wrong place) so you can better tolerate the madness of the work week that is to come. And for our friends here in America, it’s a short week because Thanksgiving hits Thursday. (For those unfamiliar with American holidays, I would point you to Mr. Jim Gaffigan. And as we said last year, we think Thanksgiving should be worldwide. So join us.) So we decided to find something that really presents the spirit of Thanksgiving. And we’re talking the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

What, you might ask, is the true spirit of Thanksgiving? Butter.

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That’s right–that was a classic from 1956. Now you were probably convinced to try this come Thursday. And you want to know the recipe? Here you go:

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