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Win Space: 1999 Season 1 on Blu-Ray!

Space: 1999 Season 1 Blu-Ray

It’s the first season of the sci-fi classic Space: 1999, hitting Blu-Ray from your friends at A&E. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

For over 45 years, legendary British TV producer Gerry Anderson churned out groundbreaking television series like no other. From his unique, genre-busting “Supermarionation” of the hip, high-octane 60s’ programs THUNDERBIRDS and CAPTAIN SCARLET to the moon-based exploits of the lost-in-space Commander John Koening (Martin Landau) and Dr. Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) in SPACE: 1999, the visionary Anderson has long been at the forefront of creating “Must-See Cult TV.” Now, this December, A&E Home Entertainment serves up one of Anderson’s most celebrated programs in spectacular hi-def with the eagerly anticipated SPACE: 1999: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE BLU-RAY EDITION.

In Anderson’s epic series, it’s 1999 when a spectacular explosion at a lunar nuclear waste dump sends the moon out of Earth’s orbit, propelling the men and women of Moonbase Alpha on a treacherous journey across the universe. Left with no way home, the Moonbase residents, led by Landau (“Entourage,” Ed Wood) and Bain (“CSI,” “Mission: Impossible”), are forced to embark upon the greatest adventure of their lives, encountering bizarre life forms and strange phenomena as they struggle to survive among the awe-inspiring wonders of deepest space. And, although, their ultimate journey only lasted two seasons and, in a New York Times review (1975), noted author Issac Asimov thought it implausible that so large a lunar base would exist by 1999, SPACE: 1999 captured and enraptured the minds and souls of a sci-fi hungry generation.

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