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Threadless: Enter the Cute, Cuddly, Insidious, Dark Forest

Dark Forest by Justin White from Threadless

This week’s Threadless update gives us some fine items (even though they’re not in black). There’s the shirt that, to my mind anyway, puts Robert Anton Wilson in the role of Gandalf. There’s the shirt that is the Threadless answer to the infamous Threads (which I’ve warned you away from in many a podcast appearance).

And lastly, there’s the glorious morbid whimsy that is “Dark Forest” by Justin White. Click on the pic to embiggen and see the full design. On one hand: animals, looking cute and lovable. On the other hand, they’re dark with hollow, empty eyes. But the enchanted princess in the middle? Oh wait, she looks like she’s having a bad day. And what of the large stag in the back, pronouncing the single letter “X”? It’s like Walt Disney‘s Day of the Animals directed by Tim Burton or something. I dig it muchly.

For it and more, click through to the Threadless site. And they still have their $5 clearance sale going as well.