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Threadless: “Thanks For Noticin’ Me”

Threadless: A Very Naughty Bear

I have to admit, I felt a bit unclean looking at this shirt, featuring a pissed off Winnie the Kodiak Pooh. It makes me want a trailer mashup between The Edge and Winnie the Pooh. “We’re going to kill the bear!” “Oh, bother.”

Also, it reminds me of this guy–and I just Twittered this in case anyone knows who this is–who was going around San Diego Comic-Con collecting sketches of people doing their own version of Winnie the Pooh. Alex Ross recreated the cover of Marvels #1 with Pooh in the place of The Human Torch falling out of the sky, on fire and screaming. And James O’Barr had drawn Tigger as The Crow, bullet holes and all. They were fantastic. Does anyone know who that was?

Anyway, the sick sick Pooh shirt can be found here. And while you’re going over there, check out this, which is even more Dindraney than the last Dindrane shirt they had.



  • Only thing wrong with this is that Eeyore would have seen it coming. And been prepared.

    I’m just saying.