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Win Virus X on DVD!

Virus X DVD

It’s Virus X, what happens when a group of scientists start playing around with viral life at a sleepover and it all goes very wrong. We may have made up the bit about the sleepover. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

An Official Selection of the 2010 Shriekfest and the Eerie Horror Fest 2010, the film stars Domiziano Arcangeli (The Brides of Sodom) and Sybil Danning (Halloween). This Sci-Fi DVD debut also contains two production featurettes. For a group of medical scientists, time is not on their side when they are exposed to a hyper-mutant form of the H1N1 virus while in their lab. The team has only three days left to live with no hope of seeing the outside world again. But while they are trapped and fear for their lives, a deceitful head doctor is monitoring their every move. Suspicions arise, and the detained doctors must uncover the harrowing truth behind their deadly situation.

And here, have a trailer:

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