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Weekend Justice Episode 100 Will Be Live

Weekend Justice

This week marks the record and posting of Weekend Justice Episode 100. I know, there’s nobody more startled about this than, well, the Weekend Justice League. To commemorate this…something occasion, we invite you to participate. Do you have a question for the League? Do you have a suggestion? Do you have a mad scheme to take over the world that involves bringing back the giant wombat and using them to overthrow the government? Let us know.

You can call us at 424 – 266 – 0WEJ. That’s (0935) for you people without letters on your phone. Leave us a message.

You can email us at weekend justice at gmail dot com. No spaces in that, obviously. Beyond that, if you can’t translate that into a functional email address, you probably shouldn’t ping us.

We may use your message or email on the air. So bear that in mind before you ping us.

The live broadcast will be viewable from 8:30pm to 11:30pm (unless we die) EST tomorrow night (Feb. 2nd) here.

This could all detonate and kill everyone involved. But then again, that sense of imminent peril is what Weekend Justice is all about, isn’t it? See you there.

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