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Viz and iPad March Madness

Viz Manga March Madness for the iPad

I’m told “March Madness” has a different meaning for some people, but to us manga fans, it will forever have a new meaning: quality manga at an amazingly low price.

Viz has always had several manga series available for reading on the iPad, but during the month of March they will be releasing dozens more. By the end of the month, they plan to have over 100 manga titles available for the iPad. Each volume you buy has the same content as a given physical volume, so your collections can dovetail perfectly. The usual cost of a single volume is $4.99, already a fantastic deal for the quality Viz editing/translation, especially compared to the usual $9.99 physical copy cost. Making things even better during March, however, each Volume 1 will cost only $.99, meaning you can afford four times the manga goodness!

Volumes thus far have looked fantastic, just as good as having a physical copy in your hot little hands, making it a fantastic way to support the anime and manga industry, but still pay rent. No more excuses for illegal downloads! Honestly, the amount of cash you’ll save over buying the book versions will pay for the iPad pretty soon…well, if you consume manga like I do.

[ad#rightpost]This week, Viz will be premiering the following volumes:

  • Bakuman Vol. 2
  • Bleach Vol. 9
  • Captive Hearts Vol. 2
  • Claymore Vol. 4
  • D.Gray Man Vol. 5
  • Death Note Vol. 7
  • Dragon Ball Vol. 14
  • Merupuri Vol. 2
  • Naruto Vol. 15
  • Natsume’s Book of Friends Vol. 1
  • One Piece Vol. 15
  • OTOMEN Vol. 3
  • Ouran High School Host Club Vol. 3
  • Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 7
  • Toriko Vol. 2
  • Vampire Knight Vol. 4

As always, you can buy hard copies of manga titles from Amazon and help support Need Coffee at the same time. But for info on the app for your iPad, check out Viz’ site.