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Threadless $10 Sale Until Wednesday

Zombies from Threadless

Okay, so here’s the drill. We like to make you aware of particular sales because we like to share cool stuff and we want you to save money. That’s just part of what we do for fun around here. And Threadless has their March Mania sale in full swing with all tees for $10. As with any of their sales, we encourage you to do two things. First, jump on it because they sell out of stuff. Second, don’t just look for you for the immediate future. Think about who’s got a birthday or other special occasion coming up–stock up now. We encourage it.

In fact, let me point you at a few recent choice ones. First up, the “Zombies” tee you see there pains me because it’s got such simplistic goodness but is the exact opposite of anything I would ever wear. Reverse the colors and I’m happy. But alas. There’s also the fun of Squinjas, which is Dindrane-approved for squirrel-based fu action. And for Flaming Lips fans, there’s “Yoshimi,” which really needs no explanation for most of you.

Sale ends Wednesday, 3/23 at 11AM Eastern Time. Good luck out there.