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Winning? You’re Soaking In It


Juan Adams of Michigan will be traveling with Ice Road Truckers Season 4 on DVD

The Last Play at Shea goes to Mike Cummings of Rhode Island, Ken Byrd of British Columbia, and Caitlin McClure of Iowa

Paul S. Dale of Pennsyvlania can now visit with the King–he’s won Elvis is Back

Time for a shower–Bates Motel swag will be headed for Stanley Messer of Georgia

Dr. Who: A Christmas Carol will be Bah-humbugging with Helen Cramer of New Hampshire, Martin Wooldridge of Ohio, and Latoya Finnegan of Louisiana

Leah Oden of Colorado has won I Am Alive

Top Gear Season 14 will be speeding towards Alberta Hovis of California, Thomas Burdett of Arizona, and Pamela Applewhite of Texas

Ice Road Truckers Season 4 on Blu-ray will be chilling the home of Deanna Garay of Nebraska

Hattie Doby of Delaware, Tanya Stegall of Ontario, and Ann Sizemore of Oregon can feel the breeze in their hair with Top Gear Season 15

Jefferson will be going to Eric Ruffner of Missouri

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